Innovation and collaboration in regional Victoria

The construction of the Victorian Government’s South Gippsland Highway Upgrade involved the realignment of the highway between Koonwarra and Meeniyan in regional Victoria. 

CPB Contractors’ successful project delivery was underpinned by meticulous planning, a “get it right the first time” approach and a project-wide commitment to finding innovative solutions.

From the initial stages of planning through to the upgrade’s practical completion, the CPB Contractors team embraced innovative solutions. Three standout applications of this approach were:

Drones and fill quantities

Cloud-based software and drone technology enhanced the project’s surveying accuracy during construction. CPB Contractors used fly-over technology that calculated cut cross-section measurements and quantities with greater ease and precision, increasing efficiency, ensuring accurate reporting, and enabling safer practices.

Real-time geotechnical monitoring

Complex geological conditions were monitored in real-time by installing piezometers, inclinometers, and extensometers. This enabled the continuous assessment and management of sensitive soft soil and offered significant benefits to the project, including improved risk management, data-driven decision making and more efficient project management.

Bluetooth traffic control

The team used Bluetooth traffic signalling technology throughout construction. Remote-controlled traffic control enabled workers to safely manage live traffic from a protected area, improving efficiency, reducing risk and providing cost savings.

CPB Contractors delivered the Victorian Government’s South Gippsland Highway Upgrade in 2022. The project included the construction of:

  • 2.9kms of new highway, which shortened the existing highway by 1.1km and removed nine dangerous bends
  • Two four-span, 140m long bridges
  • A 60m long underpass beneath the new highway

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