Industry’s First ‘Intelligent Construction Trolley for High-Speed Rail Canopies’ Successfully Applied in the Construction of High-Speed Rail

Recently, the “Intelligent Construction Trolley of High-speed Rail Canopy” developed by China Railway Construction Engineering Group has been successfully applied in Nanchuan North Railway Station. This fills a gap in the industry, marking a significant breakthrough for China Railway Construction Engineering Group in the field of railway construction equipment.

The trolley employs innovative technologies such as “modular assembly, mechanized control, and intelligent control”. Through finite element analysis and calculation, adaptive mechanical design, and intelligent research and upgrading, it has created a mechanized and intelligent construction method for railway platform clear water canopies.

The project team has taken the railway platform’s fair-faced concrete canopy with a relatively uniform design as the research object and applied the intelligent construction trolley to its construction for the first time. By using this trolley, it can effectively address the challenges associated with traditional construction methods for fair-faced concrete canopies, such as labor-intensive processes, high costs of materials, safety risks, and difficulties in quality control.

The responsible person of China Railway Construction Engineering Group said that in the future, the intelligent construction trolley will be continuously upgraded iteratively, and plans to add automatic support system, integrated pouring of columns, beams and slabs, intelligent vibration, intelligent maintenance, automatic adjustment and other functions on the basis of the original functions, so as to continuously promote the intelligent, digital and green development of the construction industry.

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