In Chamonix, Eiffage Immobilier delivers “
White Pearl ”, high apartments
of the range, which rub shoulders with the peaks
snow limited Alps

In Chamonix, Eiffage Immobilier delivers “
White Pearl ”, high apartments
of the range, which rub shoulders with the peaks
snow limited Alps
After 24 months of work, Eiffage Immobilier delivers the” White Pearl” hearthstone, nestled in the heart of Chamonix, it offers its inhabitants splendid views of Mont- Blanc and Brévens. Located 1 hour by auto from Geneva and2.5 hours from Lyon, this hearthstone consists of two new structures and a repaired structure. The structure complex has attained RT 2012 and NF Habitat instruments, making it an energy-effective and more environmentally friendly program.

Capital of skiing and mountaineering, the resort of Chamonix offers 119 km of pitches, spread over 3 areas. The loftiest city in Western Europe, it’s the starting point for the most prestigious ascents to summits with fabulous names
( Mont- Blanc, Les Drus, Aiguille Verte, Grandes Jorasses,etc.).

A many way from the center of Chamonix, the White Pearl hearthstone is set in a magnific natural setting. It consists of

demesne intended for Orange, which will retain their use;
Casing vended to private individualities;
6 homes vended to the OPH Haute Savoie( Social landlord)
According to the design mastermind, Antoine Dassonville, White Pearl is
“ An exceptional hearthstone located in an exceptional city Chamonix; Quality armature, simple and dateless; 28 apartments with a unique view facing the summits of Mont- Blanc and Brévent; Comfortable and warm innards with named amenities and large bay windows.»

White Pearl offers apartments with 2 to 6 apartments, with commodious volumes and plunging onto the outside. Indeed, the facades are” open” thanks to large bay windows as well as beautiful sundecks extending from the living apartments they therefore offer unique views of the girding mountains.
On the program, top- of- the- range services, designed by” Studio Arch”, an interior design establishment

“ Living in the world capital of mountaineering isn’t insignificant. To live
in harmony with this exceptional terrain, it was necessary to produce innards
that stand out. For this, we propose to use simple and locally present accoutrements ,” relooked”.»

The armature of Chamonix has been redesigned in a contemporary graphic spirit. Particular attention has been paid to natural accoutrements similar as wood( used in particular through finagled parquet bottoms in Berry oak) and gravestone.
This operation was also the scene of a number of specialized feats for our brigades, since the work was carried out on an engaged point. The Orange brigades, formerly present in the structure to be rehabilitated, had the obligation to maintain in exertion the telecommunications antennas located on the roof of structure C and allowing dispatches with the harborages of the total of the vale of Chamonix. The telecommunications antennas were moved on the crane shaft, particularly during the” structural work” phase so as not to disturb the event of the colorful telecommunications signals.

In addition, an trouble was made to limit the deconstruction of the old design, and the recuperation of the ultimate. Only 30 of the land has been artificialised. All these conduct have enabled” White Pearl” to gain RT 2012 and NF Habitat instruments.
Congratulations to our Center- East brigades for this great success! This operation is a perfect illustration of our know- style as a protagonist and builder of top- of- the- range programs in the mountains.

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