HOCHTIEF subsidiary Flatiron to develop transformative light rail project in Calgary in a joint venture

Flatiron has been awarded a 16-months Development Phase JV contract for the largest infrastructure investment in Calgary’s history

The City of Calgary has selected Bow Transit Connectors (BTC) – a joint venture including HOCHTIEF subsidiary Flatiron – as the Development Partner to deliver Phase One of the transformative Green Line LRT project. It is the largest infrastructure investment in Calgary’s history – with CAD 5.5bn  (EUR 3.7bn) in commitments from Government of Canada, Government of Alberta and City of Calgary. This first phase will include 18 kilometers of dual light rail track, 13 passenger stations, 2 kilometers of underground tunneling, 9 major bridge structures including 1 kilometer of elevated guideway, and a 72-acre maintenance and storage facility. Construction is expected to begin in 2024.

Flatiron has been awarded a 16-month Development Phase contract in which members of Calgary’s Green Line team and the BTC team will collaborate together to develop the project design and work together to agree on project costs, risk balance, and overall construction schedule before executing a separate project agreement to construct the project.

Green Line LRT will provide significant transportation benefits by expanding mobility choice and providing rapid and direct connections between communities, employment hubs and destinations between the southeast and downtown Calgary.

“As part of the Bow Transit Connectors team, we look forward to bringing our expertise in delivering large scale infrastructure projects to enhance Calgary’s future,” said Ken Tanner, Vice President of Canada Operations for Flatiron. “We are proud to share the trust of the City of Calgary as we significantly improve the mobility of the local communities by delivering a reliable, fast transit service while contributing to sustainability by reducing traffic congestion and related emissions.”

The transformation of traditional transportation infrastructure to new sustainable mobility concepts is area of growth for HOCHTIEF: In Australia, CIMIC companies are part of the Canberra Light Rail PPP consortium, that is currently enhancing Canberra’s world class light rail system with new wireless light rail vehicles, along with upgrades to the existing fleet, over a 20 year period. In Nuremberg, HOCHTIEF is currently expanding the metro system which is the fourth project being built by HOCHTIEF in this network.

This project in Calgary strengthens Flatiron’s infrastructure construction activities in Canada and is consistent with Flatiron’s strategy to build on successful relationships and to secure contracts offering balanced risk profiles and opportunities for enhanced collaboration with our clients.

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