Flatiron to build a sustainable mobility project in San Antonio, USA

VIA Metropolitan Transit Authority selected our company and its partner Herzog for the Green Line, the north-south Advanced Rapid Transit (ART) corridor

The 12-mile Green Line will provide a north-south sustainable mobility option through the heart of San Antonio. It’s a major component of VIA’s Keep San Antonio Moving program. This project reinforces the Flatiron strategy to secure contracts offering balanced-risk profiles and opportunities for enhanced collaboration with clients. Further, the project provides Flatiron the opportunity to use its transit construction and collaborative-delivery expertise to provide exceptional value to VIA Metropolitan Transit Authority and other key stakeholders.

San Antonio’s VIA Metropolitan Transit Authority selected Flatiron and its joint venture partner Herzog for the construction portion of the $446.3 million North-South Corridor Advanced Rapid Transit (ART) project, commonly referred to as the Green Line.

VIA Metropolitan Transit provides multimodal transportation options throughout the region, connecting residents of the community, supporting economic vitality and enhancing quality of life. The ART initiative will deliver a high-quality, modern public transportation system, designed to move more people faster and farther. Bus Rapid Transit systems like are ART are gaining prominence across the United States due to their low capital costs, flexible service options and ability to quickly improve access to transit. These transit systems represent a growing percentage of Flatiron’s work portfolio.

Collaborating with VIA through a CMAR (Construction Manager at Risk) arrangement, the Flatiron-Herzog joint venture team will deliver important sustainable mobility improvements:

  • 26 new enhanced bus stations—with improved access for people of all abilities.
  • Dedicated bus lanes, allowing for faster travel.
  • Bus pickups every 10-15 minutes along the corridor.
  • Improved connections to top locations, including San Antonio International Airport and the downtown area.

“This transformational collaborative project will connect San Antonio’s vibrant communities while providing an efficient route through the heart of the city,” said Dale Nelson, Flatiron Executive Vice President for Operations. “The Green Line will speed residents to major employment centers and enhance affordable access to medical facilities and other necessities of daily life.”

The Flatiron-Herzog team, based out of Flatiron’s local San Antonio office, is committed to delivering this project in a way that prioritizes the community’s needs, minimizes construction impacts and provides local, small and disadvantaged businesses meaningful opportunities as part of the team. Construction is expected to begin in early 2025.

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