Energies without borders with Eiffage Énergie Systèmes

Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium but also Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia , Jamaica and Senegal: renewable energies are taking it to the four corners of the world. “Working internationally brings unique experience and openness” underlines Sylvain Bescond, technical director of renewable energies at Eiffage Energía Sistemas. From Albacete, headquarters of Eiffage Energ í a Sistemas in Spain, it operates on an international scale. A wish rooted in his student years , with internships in Romania and Ireland . Once graduated, his first position took him to Rennes and Bastia, where he supervised the construction of new airport control towers . A call to travel?  

In 2006, he left Brittany for Albacete, his partner’s region of origin. He was quickly hired at Electrosur , the first Spanish company bought by Eiffage, 3 years earlier . “It was only when I discovered the premises on the day of the interview that I realized that it was a subsidiary of Eiffage,  ” laughs today the man who has been part of the workforce for almost 20 years. years. At the time, the future Eiffage Energía was seeking to recruit a French speaker as part of the “Mongoose” project, at the CNES Guyana Space Center . Several Eiffage entities are involved in this 4-year project, which takes it to Toulouse every month and to Kourou every year. 

Valencia, Bordeaux, Albacete 

“At the same time, I started working on Eiffage Energ í a ’s photovoltaic projects , which were still in their infancy. We then began to carry out the first large-scale installations in the country, as well as numerous wind projects. » From 2008 to 2012, from Valencia, he ensured the development of this new segment in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Poland , in continuous contact with the Spanish headquarters.  

In 2014, Clemessy won the construction of the Cestas photovoltaic power plant , near Bordeaux, the largest in Europe at the time of its construction , with a power of 300 MW c . For 3 months, Sylvain went to Germany alongside the RMT teams to prepare the site, then was seconded by Eiffage Energ í a to Bordeaux, to follow the project as construction director for 1 and a half years. “As a young dad, I left Albacete on Monday morning and returned on Friday. The Group helped me a lot during this period to best balance my private and professional lives. Essential support for mobility. » 

A global vision 

Upon his return at the end of 2015, Sylvain Bescond returned to his position in Albacete but made at least 3 monthly trips to supervise projects throughout Europe and the world  : Belgium , Chile , Jamaica and Senegal . Now technical director for renewable energies, travel is becoming rarer but the projects are gaining in scale. “We are working in particular around hydrogen , with a prototype to ensure the supply of green hydrogen to our headquarters. An experiment before industrializing this process. » A new springboard in his professional career.  

“I am convinced that international experience enriches a career. The complexities in terms of organization , contracts, labor rights , taxes and exchange rates for import / export teach how to tame the other non-technical but equally important aspects of a project . Enough to take a broader look at project management . . It is an essential step to give another dimension to my career and take on new responsibilities , with the kindness of a Group that supports us at each stage . »  

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