Empowering Indigenous students in partnership with CareerTrackers

For over a decade, CPB Contractors has been collaborating with CareerTrackers, a nationwide organization that assists pre-professional Indigenous university students and connects them with employers to engage in paid, multi-year internships. During this time, more than 340 Indigenous students have taken part in the program with great success.

In 2011, CPB Contractors established a partnership with CareerTrackers, aiming to provide internship opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students across Australia. This partnership continued for three years. In 2013, CPB Contractors became the first corporate organization to sign on to the 10-10 program of CareerTrackers. This commitment is still being upheld today. Through this program, CPB Contractors has worked together with CareerTrackers to offer paid internships to a minimum of 25 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students annually, enabling them to gain industry experience.

Sharon Gray, CPB Contractors’ Group Manager, Diversity, Indigenous and Social Inclusion shares that to date, 342 Indigenous students have started their career in the construction industry through the opportunities provided by CPB Contractors as part of the program. 

“These students have integrated their studies with hands-on work experience and many have continued their professional journey with CPB Contractors, going from interns to graduates and beyond” adds Sharon.

CPB Contractors is committed to ensuring that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples share in and benefit from the training, employment and business opportunities their work and projects provide. To learn more about this commitment, you can explore CPB Contractors’ Indigenous and Social Inclusion Strategy and Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which outlines the current targets aimed at providing participation opportunities in employment, training and enterprises for First Australians.

Source link:https://www.cpbcon.com.au/

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