Electromobility: 100% of APRR areasequipped with charging stations!

APRR and AREA become the leading French motorway networks with 100% of service areas equipped with electric charging stations.

For a break, our customers can now charge their electric vehicles at all our service areas! “. It is Guillaume Hérent, CEO of APRR and AREA, who announces it and it is unprecedented to date in France.
It was a commitment from Philippe Nourry, Chairman of APRR and AREA. And the APRR and AREA teams did it : 100% of the service areas of the two motorway networks are now equipped with fast and ultra-fast multi-operator charging stations.
No less than 773 charging points are now available for all types of model, i.e. one station approximately every 30 km. Users of an electric vehicle, for their departures on vacation or their daily use, can travel serenely over long distances. It’s brand new!

Everything started ten years ago
The APRR and AREA fench motorways companies have been involved for 10 years in the deployment of multi-operator electric charging points.
The teams of these companies have mobilized with various partners to install dozens of high-power and very high-power charging stations, with a view to ensuring a high-performance network that meets the needs of electric mobility enthusiasts.
Speed, availability and comfort
All the stations installed and put into service meet the criteria of speed, availability and comfort essential to developing electromobility and thus contributing to reducing the carbon footprint of transport:
• 4 to 20 very high power charging points (150 to 350 kW) per station,
• All electric vehicle models are accepted,
• All types of payment methods and connectors are available,
• A multilingual hotline open 24 hours a day,
• A mobility card that allows you to pay at more than 60,000 charging points in France,
• An offer combined with the electronic toll badge,
• Each facility, available near commercial facilities, is equipped with an awning.

Nine operators committed to the carbon-free motorway
Today, 9 charging station operators are present on the 2,320 km of the APRR and AREA motorway networks, with tariff offers between 0.59 and 0.79 euros/km: AVIA, BP, Certas Energy Esso, Engie , e-Vadea Spie, Fastned, Ionity, Tesla and Total Energie.
These operators are all concretely committed to low-carbon mobility.
What about tomorow ?
 In 2023, Eiffage motorway concession companies in France will continue to increase the number of terminals, further increase service, and facilitate charging and travel by electric vehicles.
Being number one forces us to do even more for our customers! We are therefore continuing to accelerate the implementation of ever more efficient technologies on our networks to allow our customers to consider long-distance travel with peace of mind” says Guillaume Hérent.

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