Eiffage, in a consortium, wins thecontract for the construction andmaintenance of the centraladministration offices of the ministriesin charge of social affairs in Malakoff(southwest Paris)

Eiffage, through Eiffage Construction and Eiffage Services, won in a consortium with the architecture agency Viguier; and the design offices Oasiis, Egis and Berim, along with AD Ingé, DIE and DCT, the design-build-operation-maintenance contract for the second major administration centre of the ministries in charge of social affairs. The contract is worth €178 million in total, with Eiffage’s share amounting to more than €156 million (including €155.2 million for deconstruction and works).

This global performance contract was awarded by the ministries in charge of social affairs (Ministry of Labour, Employment and Economic Inclusion; Ministry of Health and Prevention, and Ministry of Solidarity, Autonomy and Persons with disabilities) as part of a large-scale joint project with the State Real Estate Property Directorate to combine their central administration services as an addition to their facility in the 7th arondissement of Paris.
On state-owned land in Porte de Vanves in Malakoff, southwest of Paris, the former site of the INSEE headquarters, the complex will incorporate an eight-storey block and a 14-storey high-rise block, connected on each level by glazed walkways offering views of Malakoff and Paris. The two buildings will provide combined floor space of around 35,000 m2 and accommodate between 1,800 and 2,000 work stations. There will also be an auditorium, training rooms, a collaborative working space and a restaurant.
Following a dedicated 12-month design phase, to run concurrently with the 17 months needed for asbestos removal and the demolition of the existing building, Eiffage Construction will take 34 months to build the new office complex. After handover in 2027, Eiffage will provide operation and maintenance for a five-year period.
This environmentally aware project is targeting HQE Sustainable Building certification. The high-rise block will be one of the first of its type with RE2020 regulations incorporated into its construction permit. Environmental solutions adopted for this project include the low-carbon concrete construction of the eight-storey building, a geothermal heating/cooling system and the rooftop installation of 760 sq.m of photovoltaic panels. The project is also targeting the BiodiverCity® label with the creation of numerous outdoor green spaces.

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