Eiffage Énergie Systèmes takes part inbuilding the new SIVU Aquavertaquatic centre in Francheville

SIVU (Syndicat intercommunal à vocation unique or single-purpose inter-municipal association) Aquavert has launched a Global Energy Performance Contract for the construction of a new aquatic centre in Francheville (69). As part of this contract, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ teams are preparing to contribute to a vast project that will be completed in October 2024. Our experts in HVAC, electrical engineering, energy performance guarantees and operation/maintenance will be working as co-contractors with consortium leader Eiffage Construction. 

Work on the future aquatic centre involves dismantling the current centre, decontaminating the soil and putting up a new building comprising a sports pool (375 m2), a mixed pool (350 m2), a paddling pool (60 m2) and changing rooms and ancillary premises as well as an outdoor splash pad. Eiffage Construction will manage this building work.  

As co-contractor of the consortium, Eiffage Energie Systèmes will deploy its employees in various fields of expertise. While our HVAC specialists are to manage the HVAC and plumbing facilities, our electrical engineering experts will take charge of HV and LV services (MV substation, LV distribution panel, various lighting, fire protection and Voice-Data-Video systems, access control, etc.), as well as the site’s Building Automation System (BAS). Our Branch’s remit also includes energy performance guarantees and operation and maintenance.  

“The energy performance guarantee is contractually binding. This is why the heat production needed to warm the pools and maintain temperatures on the premises will be provided by heat pumps connected to a solar carpet. This system should greatly increase production efficiency. Water treatment will be ensured by perlite filters offering good water quality with minimal renewal from the city water network. All the utilities (high and low voltage and HVAC) will be controlled by BAS, which should enable the air handling units, heat pumps and domestic hot water production to be regulated as effectively as possible,” explained energy and environmental efficiency project manager Maxime Jeu.  

Once the project is completed, the handover to the operational maintenance teams will ensure optimum functioning of the new building for four years (levels 1 to 4). These teams are to take charge of energy monitoring and compliance with contractual requirements for water and air quality in the SIVU Aquavert aquatic centre.  

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