Eiffage Énergie Expands Würth France Site in Alsace

To respond to unprecedented growth in its orders, Würth France has decided to build an extension made up of three buildings on its Erstein site (67). Called Evolog 2030, this vast project was the subject of a first contract divided into lots. Würth France awarded the electricity package to Eiffage Énergie Systèmes and the structural works package to Eiffage Construction. And a new consultation is underway to support the growth of this specialist in professional tools and hardware. 

In order to modernize its production facilities and increase the capacity of its logistics and storage facilities, Würth France has undertaken to add three new buildings to those already established on its Alsatian site in Erstein: 

  • A shuttle building dedicated to automated product storage, 
  • A functional building dedicated to order preparation, 
  • A building reserved for shipping, equipped with twelve heavy goods docks. 

For two years (from April 2022 to April 2024), our electrical engineering experts carried out the high current and low current installations. They installed two new MV delivery stations (looping included), built the new Evolog transformer station, the new Energy transformer station, as well as the electrical distribution and the implementation of interior and exterior lighting equipment (connected to the GTC). In addition, they carried out the optical fiber loop, the distribution of the computer and wifi network, equipped the various workstations, installed the access control, the anti-intrusion system and implemented the fire protection system. 

“Before carrying out this major project, Würth France regularly asked us to carry out small jobs. We were able to gain his trust and demonstrate our know-how through the quality of the work carried out. The smooth running of this project is perhaps a happy omen for the rest of the Evolog project,” rejoices Mathieu Bohn, project manager. 

With Würth aiming to further develop its production and logistics site by creating a second fully robotic shuttle building, a new consultation is underway to award the contracts associated with this new extension project. There is no doubt that our experts have a card to play.

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