Eiffage Construction, winner of the call for projects for the heritage and energy renovation of the Niemeyer building, former headquarters of the newspaper l’Humanité

The addition of the structure, the former headquarters of the reviewl’Humanité, takes on a heritage dimension, the roofs and facades being the remains of the last French design by the mastermind Oscar Niemeyer before his return to Brazil. They were listed in the force of literal monuments in 2007 and will thus be repaired identically, as will certain apartments with remarkable concrete walls.

The last French work of the mastermind Niemeyer, the eponymous structure presents an armature specific of its author, videlicet a conflation of the modern vocabulary( corroborated concrete structure, free plan, pilotis, roof sundeck, curtain wall) and the use of ways and accoutrements typical of his workshop, similar as VEC( fused surface glass) on the facade, the installation of twisted shapes, the assumed use of color as well as the consideration of the civic and geography setting.
The recuperation design, winner of the call for systems for the energy addition of state public structures as part of the France Relance plan, revolves around a complete heritage addition of the original structure( carried out by Eiffage Construction in 1989) and whose facades and roof are listed as major Monuments.

The challenges are multitudinous for our brigades who must admire the characteristics of the original structure. Among the constraints that they will have to face, we can cite the envelope of the structure made up of 1960m ² of twisted VEC curtain walls or the panoramic sundeck offering a view of the Edifice- Basilica of Saint- Denis.
The purpose of the recuperation works is to

Admire the heritage value of the original structure;
Respect the architectural gesture of Oscar Niemeyer( general envelope and interior spaces);
Bring the structure up to standard according to the Labor Code;
Ameliorate the energy performance of the structure;
Offer an optimal position of comfort for unborn druggies.
They understand

The interior layout of 7700 m ² SDP of services
Restoration of stapled gravestone facades;
Restoration of raw concrete stripping;
The relief of surface joinery with the same with the enhancement of energy performance( in total, 3000 m ² of glazed shells are concerned);
The conservation of the remarkable rudiments of the structure;
The integration of two ERP demesne( Establishment entering the Public) on the ground bottom;
Greening of out-of-door spaces.
The design is part of a sustainable development approach with the end of carrying the BBC Effinergie Rénovation Patrimoine and BBCA Rénovation Standard position environmental instruments. To achieve these objects, it’s planned to promote exercise 5 of the total mass of accoutrements will be reused( i.e. 5 kg/ m ² of bottom area) and 25 of erecting waste will be reclaimed.

From 2025, the structure will house some 400 agents from the Regional and Interdepartmental Directorate for the Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity( DRIEETS, formerly DIRECCTE) for Ile-de-France, presently grounded in Aubervilliers.
Congratulations to our Ile-de-France brigades for winning this representational design!

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