Eiffage Construction offers a makeover at the Grands Thermes de la Bourboule (63)

A reference in France for the management of respiratory diseases, the spa resort of La Bourboule (Puy-de-Dôme) welcomed nearly 4,000 patients per year before the Covid epidemic. But its buildings had not seen major repairs since the 1970s. The municipality therefore launched a call for tenders for a global performance contract won by Eiffage Construction, associated with the Coste Architectures agency in Montpellier. The goal? Improve patient comfort and attract new customers. On the program, the redevelopment of offices, standard and premium reception areas, the central hall, as well as waiting areas and activity rooms reserved for children and fitness and the creation of a new premium area. 

A three-year renovation program has therefore just been launched by the municipality, owner of the premises, which aims to permanently install La Bourboule in thermal medicine. Thirteen million euros, 71% co-financed by the State, the region and the department, will be invested in improving patient comfort.
The renovation phase of the large thermal baths will be broken down into three parts:

  • the repair of the roof,
  • interior renovation,
  • the energy adaptation of thermal baths.

The work will make it possible to refresh certain areas of the buildings with the repair of the floors and earthenware. The trickiest part of the project concerns the 4,000 m² of original roofing (dating from 1875, and never having been redone), an emblem of local spa architecture.
Its renovation must take into account the conservation of the heritage (listed as historical monuments) and a very demanding upgrade to standards, in particular by restoring the roofs of the entire establishment, the frames, the east and west wings and the dome. There was an in-depth reflection with the architects of the buildings of France and Eiffage Construction on the choice, among other things, of the tiles in order to preserve the harmony of the whole”.
In addition, the installation of 600 m² of photovoltaic panels on the roof is planned to supply the new linen room and at the same time allow the consumption of fossil fuels in the thermal baths to be reduced.
The works, which have just begun, will last until the end of 2025, and will not interrupt the spa treatments. Two other phases should follow with the creation of a multidisciplinary health center within the establishment and that of a new spa.  

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