Eiffage and BNP Paribas Launch Highlife Residences in Boulogne-Billancourt

Eiffage Immobilier and BNP Paribas Immobilier Promotion, co-promoters of the mixed operation “Boulogne D5” in Boulogne-Billancourt, are launching the marketing of the residential program called Highlife, made up of 88 new homes for purchase and located on the historic site of the former factories Renault, on the ZAC Seguin Rives Seine.

Highlife fits perfectly into this mixed operation, a true “park city” organized around green and public spaces. Featuring a bold and refined style, the residence benefits from an eco-responsible design that highlights the durability of materials and the well-being of the occupants. Thanks to its shared spaces, lush greenery and its green rooftop, accessible to residents and featuring a common room with a breathtaking view of Billancourt Park and the Seine, Highlife makes it possible to create an ecosystem contributing to biodiversity and sharing between residents.

The residence offers a wide choice of apartments ranging from studios to six-room duplexes, all with balconies or private gardens. The delivery of these housing units, designed by the ECDM architectural agency and committed to NF Habitat HQE certification, is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2026.

“  Highlife is one of these new buildings, on the water’s edge (direct view of the Seine), which aim to respond to the major challenge of the development of the Trapèze which is to offer new residents a large quality of life in an exemplary neighborhood in terms of architecture, landscape and respect for the environment, a neighborhood marked by its belonging to the 21st century , a versatile living space bringing together housing, work, culture and leisure,” specifies Olivier Bokobza, President of BNP Paribas Immobilier Promotion.
Thus, by 2026, the cultural center called “La Pointe des Arts Île Seguin”, located opposite Highlife, will offer a Pathé cinema, a four-star hotel, shops, office spaces, a variety of restaurants and a 5,000 m² art center.
Frédéric Cartier, Real Estate Director at Eiffage Immobilier, specifies: “Highlife perfectly meets our ambition to create housing adapted to the uses and environmental challenges of our time: low carbon, the fruit of exemplary bioclimatic design, and offering everyone real outdoor pleasure spaces contributing to the development of biodiversity. »
The district, and in particular Highlife, also benefits from excellent public transport services (Metro 9 and Metro 15 in 2025, Bus, T2), but also from a secure cycle path along the Quai Georges Gorse which encourages eco-responsible soft mobility allowing its residents to reach Paris and its surroundings easily.

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