Delivery of the Echô residence in Lagord (17), a demonstration of the expertise of Eiffage Immobilier and Eiffage Construction in terms of sustainable development

The Atlantech® park was born from the initiative of the urban community of La Rochelle to create a low-carbon urban district. At the end of 2018, Eiffage Immobilier, Aquitanis, Axanis, were elected winners for the construction of 127 housing units labeled E3C2.

Of the 127 accommodations, 50 free-to-use accommodations are managed by Eiffage Immobilier. The Bordeaux social landlord Aquitanis had 51 housing units and Axanis 23 apartments and 3 individual houses in controlled accession.

Eiffage Construction built, as a general contractor, all of the 127 housing units on this demonstration site. To achieve the E3C2 label, our teams have implemented innovative solutions:

  • Concrete with a low carbon footprint (CEM III concrete for foundations, paving and terraces which uses 150 kg of CO2 per m3 compared to the usual 200 kg);
  • The reuse of materials with the use of paint composed of 90% recycled raw materials, developed by Circouleur, a Bordeaux company;
  • Renewable energies with the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of buildings.

All these initiatives are part of the ambitious environmental approach of the Eiffage group and have enabled the project to be labeled E3C2, BBCA and Bepos Effinergie 2017, NF Habitat HQE 6*.

In addition to its environmental qualities, the operation has focused on access to the neighborhood with soft mobility and on the comfort of future residents with the installation of a greenhouse which will integrate an urban agriculture project, and a collaborative third place accessible since April, led by our partner Récipro-Cité.

The site mobilized around thirty workers, five of whom were on a professional integration contract.

Congratulations to our teams for this carbon-free operation!

Clients / Developers: Eiffage Immobilier – Axanis – Aquitanis
Landscape designer / VRD: LANDESCAPE / SIT&A CONSEIL

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