CREC Participated in the Construction of Feidong Bailong General Airport was officially Opened

 China Railway Beijing Engineering Group Airport Branch participated in the construction of the largest general airport in Anhui Feidong Bailong General Airport held a sailing event.

Located in Shuangmiao Village, Bailong Town, Feidong County, Hefei City, Anhui Province, the airport is an A1-level general airport with a flight area grade of 2B. The project’s total area is about 643 mu, including 577 mu of flight area and 66 mu of facility area. It mainly carries out short-distance aviation transportation, emergency rescue, agricultural and forestry plant protection, aviation training, aviation tourism, aviation cultural movement, aviation popular science education, and other fields of navigation business, and held a foundation-laying ceremony on May 9, 2021. China Railway Beijing Engineering Group is responsible for constructing the flight and facility areas, including the runway, connecting road, apron, air traffic control complex building, logistics support building, maintenance hangar, etc.

As the flagship general airport of Anhui Province with an enormous scale, complete security facilities, and complete service and business development, Feidong Bailong General Airport will be put into operation formally, and through the multi-dimensional development of the navigation industry, it will work with neighboring cities to build an “air corridor” with efficient convergence, multimodal transport, and smooth internal and external traffic. Economic development, improvement of urban functions, and enhancement of regional influence. 

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