CPB Contractors receive Sustainability Leadership accolade

CPB Contractors’ joint venture project, Transport for NSW’s Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1, has received the prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award for Sustainability Leadership from the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia.

This industry recognition underscores the project’s commitment to training, sustainability and social inclusion throughout the construction of the Western Sydney infrastructure project. 

Key accomplishments of the project included:

Empowering a diverse workforce

The delivery of this project saw record numbers of employment and training opportunities for diverse groups, including women in non-traditional roles, First Nations people, apprentices, and disadvantaged workers.

Historical and cultural preservation

The project integrated Parramatta’s rich history and culture into the alignment design and enhanced urban spaces with grass tracks and wire-free areas. 

Holistic sustainability practices

 The project’s holistic approach to sustainability incorporated innovative construction solutions such as rough building with macro synthetic fibres and an enhanced rail boot system.

The judges also commended the project’s comprehensive approach to achieving sustainable outcomes in construction:

“Good workforce outcomes and support of social enterprises and Aboriginal businesses. A strong project overall and application that covers environmental, economic and social aspects well.”

CPB Contractors’ joint venture delivery of the Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1 project included a 12-kilometre, two-way track connecting Westmead to Carlingford, featuring 16 stops and 12 new or refurbished bridges.

Source link:https://www.cpbcon.com.au/

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