Cornwall region signs up to be a local Cornerstone Employer

Cornwall region has signed up to be a Cornerstone Employer for the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Careers Hub.

Foundation Employers are a flagship community of further than 300 businesses across England.

As part of the cooperation, Cornwall’s indigenous apprentice director, Andy Wallis, will join the original Careers and Enterprise Company’s foundation Employer group.
Andy will support the original Career mecca with the delivery of quality careers ’ education in Cornwall, as we aim to make sure every youthful person can find their stylish coming step out of education and into the world of work.

opining, Persimmon Homes Cornwall and West Devon’s managing director, Adam Church said
“ We’re pleased to come a foundation Employer.

“ Our business is only as strong as our people, and Persimmon recognises the significance of securing the unborn channel of gift to insure we’ve a sustainable business.
“ Our indigenous apprentice director, Andy Wallis, is doing some fantastic outreach work in Cornwall and West Devon, and will be a great minister for the business on the Careers and Enterprise Company’s foundation Employer group.

“ He’ll work nearly with the original careers mecca to engage directly with seminaries and sodalities and promote the great career openings that live at Persimmon.
“ Construction is a great enabler of the original frugality, and we’re proud of the original gift we’ve within the business, erecting good quality homes for original people. ”

Set up by government in 2015, the Cornerstone Employer Group’s charge is to help every youthful person to find their stylish coming step.
They’re the public body for careers education in England, supporting seminaries and sodalities to deliver ultramodern, 21st century careers education.

Stephen Roberts, Enterprise fellow at the Careers mecca in Cornwall and Islands of Scilly, said
“ Careers mecca Cornwall and the Islands of Scilly are extremely agitated to drink Andy Wallis onto the Careers and Enterprise Company’s foundation Employer group.

“ Andy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the group along with a real passion for impacting change, and helping to shape the unborn careers and chops geography for Cornwall.”

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