Colas is raising its workforce’s awareness
on health and safety issues

Colas is holding this year’s edition of its annual Safety Week, a weeklong event dedicated to training and awareness-raising on health and safety issues for its 57,000
employees around the world. With Safety Week, which will be organized across the Group’s 800
construction units and 3,000 production and materials recycling sites in more than 50 countries,
the Group is further bolstering its commitment to consolidating a global health and safety culture.

Safety Week is designed to serve as a memorial of the significance of combining individual and collaborative
commitment to health and safety, over and above the sweats the Group’s pool make on a diurnal base,
with a single ideal zero accidents.
Several times agone
, the Group renewed its drive to foster better safety and this new motivation is now bearing
fruit. The performing enhancement in Colas safety numbers is encouraging. For illustration, in two times, the
accretive accident frequence rate1 has bettered by 17, from5.69 in August 2020 to4.71 in August

  1. Consolidating a global health and safety culture to cover its workers and all its stakeholders is one of
    Colas’ eight CSR commitments. The Safety Week events organized by Colas are a counterpart of the
    Group’s global” One Safety- thing Zero” approach, which aims to promote autonomy, ameliorate the
    understanding of pitfalls and fostering safe geste
    thanks to training handed by trainers and safety
    officers within the Group. Over the once three times, further than,300 people have been trained in the One
    Safety program worldwide. In addition, in France, Colas inked the” 7 Commitments for Safer Roads”
    duty in December 2021, therefore pursuing sweats accepted since 1997 with public authorities in the field
    of road safety.
    Road Safety Distractions are the focus of this time’s Safety Week. Every day, Colas workers, as motorists,
    as passengers, indeed as climbers, are detracted by their cell phones and this remains a major threat. The
    French Road Safety Commission reports that using a telephone while driving increases the threat of having
    an accident by a factor of 3, and texting increases it by a factor of 23. Cell phone operation is responsible for
    one out of ten accidents.
    Safety and health are precedences, and we work every day to do better. Colas is explosively
    married to Safety Week because it allows us to take a step back from our diurnal actions,
    with a common thing in mind zero accidents, explains Frédéric Gardès, Chairman and CEO
    of Colas.
    Colas, a attachment of the Bouygues Group, has one charge to imagine, make and maintain sustainable transport
    structure. Backed by a network of 800 construction business units and,000 material product units in further than
    countries on five mainlands, the Group’s,000 workers act locally to connect communities and foster exchanges
    for moment and hereafter. Colas ’ ambition is to be the world leader in innovative, sustainable mobility results.
    In 2021, consolidated profit at Colas totaled€13.2 billion( 54 outside of France).

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