Colas invests in Parkki,
a start-up specialized in intelligent mobility

Colas has acquired a 56% stake in the start-up Parkki, through its subsidiary Aximum,
which specializes in road equipment, a partnership that showcases Colas’ sharp focus on
developing solutions for intelligent, connected mobility.

Created in 2016 out of Lille, France1
, Parkki is a launch- up that’s revolutionizing mobility
gests by polarizing information and creating unique trip backing services for druggies.
Since it was launched, Parkki has supported further than 50 guests, including major retail players
Similar as Auchan, Carrefour, Leclerc, Leroy Merlin, and more. Parkki will work in close
collaboration with Aximum, a Colas Group company with a pool of nearly,000 workers.
The design brigades up reciprocal moxie at Aximum, which boasts a strong original network
specialized in road signs, signals and security results, inflow operation and optimized
mobility, and at Parkki, which is developing a range of services involving parking, flows and
metering. With Parkki’s chops in data collection and analysis and Aximum’s know- style, original
authorities will profit from new service results to optimize mobility, tailormade to fit specific
original use cases.
The cooperation will bolster the Colas Group’s conduct in favor of dynamic, participated and peaceful
operation of public spaces, in particular digital and service results developed by its Mobility
by Colas reality. Colas is easily helping original communities grow and come more seductive,
while meeting the requirements and challenges of sustainable development.

By strengthening our ties with Parkki, we wish to develop Aximum’s innovative
immolations for original authorities, to give them with parking operation results, to
meet new mobility challenges, and, by doing so, reduce carbon impacts, explains
Sandra Chabrier Breil- Martin, Chairman of Aximum.
After several times of sustained growth in the retail sector, we’re pleased and proud
of this cooperation with Colas, which opens a new and veritably promising chapter in the
history of Parkki. The end of the junction is twofold to boost our development in the
retail request thanks to the Group’s support, and to pool our strengths to make the
leading player in smart mobility in France and Europe for original authorities and regions,
explains Pierre- Julien Harbonnier, CEO of Parkki.
Colas, a attachment of the Bouygues Group, has one charge to imagine, make and maintain sustainable transport
structure. Backed by a network of 800 construction business units and,000 material product units in further than
countries on five mainlands, the Group’s,000 workers act locally to connect communities and foster exchanges
for moment and hereafter. Colas ’ ambition is to be the world leader in innovative, sustainable mobility results.
In 2021, consolidated profit at Colas totaled€13.2 billion( 54 outside of France).

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