Celebrating the launch of CPB Contractors’ new RAP

Celebrating the launch of CPB Contractors’ new RAP
CPB Contractors celebrated the launch of its new Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan( RAP) at a form in Melbourne attended by guests, Indigenous suppliers and workers.

Jason Spears, Managing Director, officially launched the RAP saying “ Our new RAP renews our commitment to icing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples benefit from the training, employment and business openings that our work provides. It provides new enterprise and openings that will advance our formerly strong commitment to conciliation. ”

The RAP was celebrated at a form that featured a stunning performance by Kee’ahn, who was awarded the Archie Roach Foundation Award at the 2020 National Indigenous Music Awards.

Sharon Gray, Indigenous and Social Addition director, said “ Our new RAP builds on what we ’ve achieved so far on our conciliation trip. Our targets for Indigenous participation through employment, training and supplier openings make a real difference, and artistic mindfulness enterprise are being embraced by systems from one side of our beautiful country to the other. ”

“ CPB Contractors RAP is commodity we can each be proud of. ”

The new RAP has been approved by Reconciliation Australia and is available then.

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