Bouygues Construction’s New Brand Identity to Affirm Its Ambition

Bouygues Construction is launching its new brand signature to embody its passion, commitment and responsibility as a builder. Building for life is a strong conviction, carried on a daily basis by some 33,000 employees around the world. Bouygues Construction has established itself as a pioneer in the transformation of a profession that shapes regions and improves people’s lives.

Developed with the support of our agency TBWA, “Building for life” is a signature that marks our difference and shows the full value of the works carried out by Bouygues Construction. On five continents, we produce shared utility by improving the daily lives of the people, communities and societies with which we work, and do so with respect and full trust. For the women and men of Bouygues Construction, this is the noblest of ambitions.

For 70 years and at every moment, the history of Bouygues Construction has been written over the long term . Everything we do is here to last, and our footprint as builders commits us for generations. “Building for life” forces us to see further, to feel responsible for the future.

Thus, Bouygues Construction innovates and reinvents its practices in order to design, renovate and build differently . This taste for challenge is today put at the service of the immense challenges of environmental transition, of sustainable and resource-efficient construction, by involving our customers and our partners.

This new signature is finally an aspiration that unites the company’s 33,000 employees. It reflects their commitment and their desire to share a collective adventure made of constantly renewed challenges. For all employees, it is the opportunity to build a life or even several lives at Bouygues Construction through the wealth of professions, activities and opportunities. At Bouygues Construction, we are united around the greatest and most exciting responsibility: building for life.

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