Boosting UK Growth through Construction and Infrastructure

As the UK enters the second week of its general election campaign, 12 leading infrastructure and construction contractors and consultants have released their “Blueprint for Growth,” outlining 12 recommendations for the future government to enhance the nation’s economic growth and productivity.

These companies collectively employ nearly 100,000 people across the UK and generate £25 billion in revenue. The economic impact of their infrastructure investments is substantial, with a three-fold multiplier effect benefiting the wider supply chain and communities. The Blueprint for Growth encapsulates the key requests of a significant segment of the UK infrastructure and construction industry.

With the current Government’s Major Projects Portfolio encompassing an unprecedented 244 projects, and a well-established link between infrastructure investment and GDP growth, the Blueprint for Growth underscores the importance of the infrastructure sector in effectively and sustainably distributing jobs and skills across the UK. The Blueprint for Growth calls for alignment on several key areas:

  • Depoliticise infrastructure.
  • Appoint a Cabinet Minister responsible for infrastructure.
  • Increase private investment in public infrastructure.
  • Ensure timely, holistic decision-making on key areas.
  • Improve budget setting for infrastructure schemes.
  • Implement efficient risk allocation.
  • Maintain investment continuity.
  • Simplify the judicial review process.
  • Mandate consideration of the national interest.
  • Introduce a self-certification system to accelerate the delivery of infrastructure projects.
  • Transform the Apprenticeship Levy.
  • Develop a flexible immigration system.

The Blueprint for Growth signifies a strong collective commitment from the UK infrastructure and construction industry to work alongside policymakers, industry stakeholders, and government agencies. This collaboration aims to develop and implement the twelve outlined recommendations, fostering a thriving infrastructure sector that drives sustainable growth, creates jobs, and builds a brighter future for the UK.

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