Beginning of work for Les Bucoliques, a garden city developed by Bouygues Immobilier in Cournon from Auvergne

Bouygues Immobilier announces the launch of work on its Les Bucoliques design in Cournond’Auvergne, a theater megacity developed over further than one hectare. Composed of 117 residences including 8 houses, 79 collaborative residences from T2 to T4 and 30 intermediate residences from T2 to T5, Les Bucoliques covers the entire domestic course-social reimbursement casing, social and private accessions- as well as forms of casing varied – individual, intermediate and collaborative – therefore meeting the requirements of all the occupants of Cournond’Auvergne. The landscaped area includes the planting of 60 roadside, fruit and cosmetic trees as well as further than a hundred shrubs. To do this, Bouygues Immobilier worked with a landscaper around 3 themes and 3 factory layers an” civic” spirit with large trees, a” sensitive and comestible” spirit with the presence of fruit trees and shrubs and a” flowery” spirit.» made up of cosmeticbeds.To open the casing to the outside, each apartment and house has access to an out-of-door space sundeck, theater , participated theater . In addition, the presence of participated vegetable auditoriums will allow both to produce a link within the hearthstone but also to inseminate righteous geste
in unborn residers.” Les Bucoliques has been the subject of significant cooperation work with the community, original stakeholders, SEM Assemblia, ESH Auvergne Habitat, the collaborative in power Domia, while also involving original residers during a meetingco-hosted with Mr François Rage, Mayor of Cournond’Auvergne. The commitment and investment of the brigades, in our jobs as itineraries and promoters, have been awarded at the Pyramidesd’Argent 2022 with the’ Responsible Conduct of Operations’ prize,” underlines Richard Bazelle, Director of the Loire Auvergne Agency. at Bouygues Immobilier.

About Bouygues Immobilier At Bouygues Immobilier
civic inventor- builder and crucial player on the French request, we’ve been present for further than 60 times across the entire real estate value chain, from development to operation and creation.. Our job is to design living spaces that take into account all druggies at all situations, to hear to our guests and communities to imagine with them useful, mortal and sustainable spaces. We offer places to live, work and meet. Committed to limiting our negative impact on the terrain and maximizing our positive impact, our thing is to reduce our hothouse gas emigrations by 32 by 2030 and design 25 of our systems in positive biodiversity, by 2025. In 2021 we will have,639 workers, for a development of2.116 billion euros. Demanding in terms of quality and concerned about the well- being at work of our workers, we’re the first protagonist to be ISO 9001 certified in France.

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