Become a Speaker | “Redefine Foams” The 4th Foams and Applications International Forum

As the leading international Foams Exhibition, Interfoam leads the foam industry in sustainable development, application innovation and technological change, and constantly creates long-term value for the foam industry. 

The 4th Foams and Application International Forum will be held at Conference Room M50 and M51 at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) from 3 to 5 September, 2024. With the theme of “Redefine Foams”, Interfoam is committed to build an integrated platform connecting industry, academics, research, and application.



September 3-5, 2024


Conference Room M50 and M51, Hall N5, SNIEC


September 3rd  Tuesday

Expert Talks

Physical Foaming Technology, Bio-Based, Bio-degradation, Recycling Technology

Sub-Forum: The Rebuilding and Symbiosis about EPS&EPP

Recycling, Reusing, Reducing

Sub-Forum: The Rebuilding and Symbiosis about EPS&EPP

High-Quality Application, Sustainable Solution

September 4th  Wednesday

Sub-Forum: Innovative Applications of Foams

Sub-Forum: Applications and Solutions of Foams in Footwear Products

Sub-Forum: Cost Controlling & Efficiency and Recycling Solution of Foams in Packaging

Sustainable, Cost Control, Innovative Practice, Recycling

Sub-Forum: Innovations and Applications of Foaming Technology in New Energy Vehicles

Lightweight, NVH, Thermal Management, Power Batteries

September 5th Thursday

Sub-Forum: The Foaming Technology Innovation Forum

Sub-Forum: The Polyurethane Foam Sustainable & High-Quality Development Forum


  1. Special Speaker or exhibitors (≥54㎡) can deliver a speech under the above topics or choose their own topics without any payment.
  2. The other individuals, organizations, and exhibitors need to pay 5000-12000 rmb per speech per 30 minutes.
  3. All the topics must be approved by the organizer.


As the national key support high-tech industries, Foam, due to its wide range of uses and the close connection to the fundamental industries of the national economy, has maintained about 20% of steady growth over the past few years. In recent years, China has achieved numbers of innovations in the production process of foam materials, improved product performance, and expanded application field, thus further promoting the development of the foam industry.

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