Bechtel wins the contract to give design operation consultancy services for TROJENA, the iconic mountain destination of NEOM

Bechtel wins the contract to give design operation consultancy services for TROJENA, the iconic mountain destination of NEOM
Project will support Saudi Arabia’s profitable diversification
Bechtel has been appointed as the Project Management Adviser for TROJENA, a time- round mountain destination in the NEOM region of northwest Saudi Arabia. TROJENA is a crucial development that will contribute to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 pretensions of growing tourism and diversifying its frugality down from hydrocarbons. In this part, Bechtel is agitated to give services including specialized, marketable and construction operation, for the development of TROJENA and supporting NEOM’s intentions for sustainability.
TROJENA is 50 km from the Gulf of Aqaba seacoast in the heart of NEOM’s mountainous region, gauging over,400 square kilometers, with elevations ranging from,500 m to,600m. Fifty- seven square kilometers will be devoted to the main development, which will profit from the unique mountain climate in the region, where temperatures drop below zero in the downtime. similar conditions will allow TROJENA to offer the Gulf’s first out-of-door ski experience and host the 2029 Asian Downtime Games after submitting the winning shot.
NEOM is without question the most ambitious design in living memory, and we’re proud to expand our part to support the TROJENA design, ” said Jake Mumm, Bechtel’s indigenous managing director for structure. “ From a construction perspective, NEOM offers formerly- in-a-lifetime career openings for Saudi citizens, who’ll be helping to open the world’s eyes to the Kingdom’s outstanding natural beauty alongside futuristic technology. ”

opining on the shot award, Philip Gullett, Executive Director of TROJENA, said “ NEOM and TROJENA continue to attract transnational enterprises as collaborators of a new future where people can live, work, and play in harmony with nature. Our vision defies current assiduity practices and lays the foundation of what sustainable indigenous and sightseer developments can be.”

” It’s inspiring to witness how the world’s leading minds are coming together to review sustainability while maintaining a bespoke development that adapts to the surroundings and exceeds callers’ prospects. Excursionists will be suitable to witness all this at TROJENA, a destination unlike any other on earth, ” said Gullett.

TROJENA is a unique time- round mountain destination in NEOM like no other on earth. Six distinctive development sections Gateway, Discover, Valley, Explore, Relax and Fun – will blend, together with the natural geography, to offer mortal- centric gests for residers and callers likewise. positioned at the heart of NEOM, 50 kilometers from the Gulf of Aqaba seacoast, TROJENA will be the Gulf’s first out-of-door ski resort, carrying world- class sporting events, art exhibitions, musicales, and artistic carnivals.

Due to its high elevation and central position, TROJENA will review luxury living and trip immolations as a global sanctuary of good. Like the rest of the NEOM, TROJENA will be powered entirely by renewable energy while sustainably guarding the region’s rich artistic and environmental heritage. TROJENA is planned to complete and drink callers and new residers in late 2026 and will host the Asian Downtime Games in 2029.
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