Bechtel Starts Site Field Work on Poland’s First Nuclear Power Plant

Polish and U.S. Government Officials attend the inaugural meeting held at Bechtel’s new Poland Office

Site geological surveys for Poland’s first nuclear power plant project have begun, Bechtel announced today.

Bechtel will conduct in-depth geological surveys at the Lubiatowo-Kopalino site in the Pomeranian municipality of Choczewo. A key milestone in the engineering service contract signed in September of last year, the surveys will increase knowledge of the geological and hydrogeological conditions at the plant’s location.

Earlier this month, Bechtel awarded the contract for the geological work to P.S.D. Poland, located in Słupsk. The surveys will be conducted from May through November, covering an area of approximately 30 hectares. Findings will be utilized in the earthworks design for the plant, including the three nuclear power units, the inflow basin, and the cooling water channels. This investigation will also inform the Location Report which will help the investor, Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe, obtain a construction permit from the Polish nuclear regulatory, the National Atomic Energy Agency.

The symbolic kick-off ceremony for Bechtel’s field operations took place at Bechtel’s new office in Warsaw attended by representatives of the Polish and U.S. governments, as well as regulatory bodies, scientific institutions, and local authorities. Among those present were Maciej Bando, Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure, Miłosz Motyka, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, and Beata Rutkiewicz, Pomeranian Voivode. The event’s guest of honor was Mark Brzezinski, U.S. Ambassador to Poland.

Bechtel is in the processes of engaging Polish entrepreneurs in the supply chain of the nuclear power plant project. The company has already signed contracts with several Polish subcontractors including: Energoprojekt-Katowice S.A., Prochem SA, and Summa Linguae Technologies S.A.

The nuclear power plant to be constructed at the Lubiatowo-Kopalino site represents a significant step in Poland’s energy transition. Its construction and subsequent operation will create a new sector of the economy, which will employ thousands of professionals, specialists, and engineers.

For 70 years, Bechtel has helped customers deliver clean energy through nuclear. In that time, Bechtel has designed, built, or provided construction services on 150 nuclear plants worldwide, bringing more than 76,000 megawatts of new nuclear generation capacity to the world. Bechtel’s current portfolio includes large scale reactors such as Plant Vogtle and Watts Bar and also small modular reactors/advance reactors including the Natrium Advanced Demonstration Reactor in the U.S. Recently, Bechtel and Westinghouse signed a contract that paves the way for work on Poland’s first nuclear power plant where Bechtel recently opened a new office. 

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