Balfour Beatty’s Double Exposure TalkTV and Construction News Spotlight During National Apprenticeship Week

In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, Balfour Beatty has featured on TalkTV and in Construction News, outlining the multitude of benefits Apprenticeships bring to businesses and individuals, the importance of industry collaboration, and the rewarding career opportunities the construction and infrastructure sector offers.    

During the live TalkTV broadcast, Ryan Mayor, Early Careers Development Manager and Jalilah Chesshire, former Balfour Beatty Apprentice and current Assistant Quantity Surveyor, sat down with Presenter Ian Collins. Ryan explained: “It’s been transformational for Balfour Beatty. We’ve brought Apprentices into our business for many decades now and it’s absolutely critical. We are developing that skilled workforce for the future and without the Apprentices, we wouldn’t be able to have the presence on some of the projects we do have.”

Ryan Mayor was also featured in Construction News discussing why collaboration is so crucial in addressing the skills gap in the infrastructure and construction industry. Commenting, Ryan said: “As we navigate the successes and challenges, we must collectively commit to improving our Apprenticeship programmes. By embracing innovation, fostering collaboration, and engaging with students early, we can create an Apprenticeship environment that not only meets current industry demands but also sets the stage for the future.”

Balfour Beatty is committed to attracting the next generation of talent, with 6.5% of the company’s UK workforce made up of Apprentices, Graduates, Trainees and Sponsored Students as part of its membership of The 5% Club –  a dynamic movement of employers committed to providing ‘Earn & Learn’ positions.

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