Balfour Beatty Joint Venture Celebrates Delivery of The Southern Gateway Project in Dallas

Balfour Beatty Joint Venture Celebrates Delivery of The Southern Gateway Project in Dallas

Balfour Beatty, as part of the design- figure common adventure with Fluor Corporation, celebrates the delivery of the Texas Department of Transportation’s( TxDOT) Southern Gateway reconstruction and enhancement design. A strip cutting form was held onNov. 30 to commemorate the completion of the$ 666 million design which is now open to business along Interstate 35E( I- 35E) andU.S. 67 in Dallas, Texas.
To complete the design, Balfour Beatty and its mates rebuilt and expanded a aggregate of ten long hauls of thruway which widened both general purpose andnon-tolled managed lanes to I- 35E betweenU.S. 67 and Interstate 30( I- 30) and onU.S. 67 between Interstate 20( I- 20) and I- 35E south of town Dallas. As part of TxDOT’s Texas Clear Lanes action, the new advancements to the major trace system enhance safety and give significant traffic relief for further than,000 drivers per day in southern Dallas County.

“ Congratulations to the Balfour Beatty design platoon and common adventure mates in furnishing a long- term, transformative trace result for one of the swift- growing metropolitan areas in the nation, ” said Leon Blondin, Balfour BeattyU.S. principal administrative officer. “ The completion of The Southern Gateway is just another illustration of our platoon’s moxie in delivering complex construction systems across the country and our ongoing commitment to achieving our guests ’, stakeholders ’ and original communities ’ transportation pretensions. Balfour Beatty is proud to play a part in perfecting safety and reducing traffic for essential structure in Texas that multitudinous motorists calculate on each and every day. ”
Balfour Beatty has worked with TxDOT for 27 times completing further than$3.8 billion in systems including the delivery of State Highway 130 in Austin, the Horseshoe design in Dallas, and the continued delivery of the Oak Hill Parkway design in Austin and the I- 635 East design in Dallas.

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