Balfour Beatty, GLX Constructors Celebrates Opening of Green Line Extension Project’s Final Branch to Medford

Balfour Beatty, GLX Constructors Celebrates Opening of Green Line Extension Project’s Final Branch to Medford
Balfour Beatty, as part of Green Line Extension( GLX) Constructors common adventure platoon, celebrates the grand opening of the Medford Branch, the last line completed during the construction of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s( MBTA) GLX design. The opening was commemorated during a strip cutting form with Massachusetts Department of Transportation( MassDOT), MBTA, Tufts Unviersity officers, civil, state and original officers.

Opening profit service at the GLX design’s Medford Branch is the final line of two developed along the4.7- afar light rail. The opening follows the completion of the design’s Union Square line in Somerville which began profit service in March 2022 to further give an enhanced trip experience for passengers and allow a more dependable, sustainable and civic reworked public conveyance service in the Boston area.

To successfully open branch two, the common adventure platoon constructed five stations on the being Lowell Commuter Rail corridor, extending from Lechmere Station in Cambridge to College Avenue at Tuft University. In addition, design teammates worked to advance final- phase construction rudiments along the light rail including the overhead line system and the East Cambridge Viaduct. These conditioning included
adaptations to the overhead line on the East Cambridge Viaduct that will exclude a temporary 10 mph speed restriction, allowing trolleys to operate at the system’s designed speed of 25 mph on a endless base. The advanced speed is necessary to maintain proper schedule intervals as five new Medford Branch stations are added to the system.
The final testing and integration of track switches, power lines, signal outfit, and digital dispatches between the Green Line’s presently operating Union Branch, the recently functional Medford Branch, and the MBTA’s Operations Control Center( OCC).

Completion of a nearly two- afar extension of the Community Path which provides access to other pathways leading into Boston.
The installation of the last remaining sound wall panels along the Union Branch andnon-critical work particulars along the Medford Branch.

fresh last work and colorful outstanding construction particulars along the Union and Medford Branches ’ tracks, stations, and rights of way.
“ I could n’t be more proud of our Balfour Beatty platoon and mates for officially completing the final line of MBTA’s Green Line Extension design, ” said Mark Konchar, Balfour Beatty elderly vice chairman and managing director ofU.S. rail operations. “ Opening the Medford Branch is a monumental corner in the design’s delivery along with numerous others that our brigades worked hard to negotiate to enhance the traveling experience for thousands of passengers. In cooperation with the MBTA, our assiduity mates and community stakeholders, Balfour Beatty looks forward to finishing final stages to prepare for design bonus in 2023. ”

With profit service commencing along GLX’s new branches, the MBTA can significantly reduce machine traffic and affiliated air emigration in Boston and give communities with universal access and new stations that meet or exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act( ADA) norms. It’s also anticipated to support increased ridership of further than,000 passenger passages per day and reduce indigenous diurnal Vehicle Miles Traveled( VMT) by,728 long hauls.
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