Balfour Beatty Awarded Two Merit Awards by NCDOA State Building Commission for UNCW’s Student Village Project

Balfour Beatty Awarded Two Merit Awards by NCDOA State Building Commission for UNCW’s Student Village Project
Balfour Beatty’s delivery of University of North Carolina at Wilmington’s( UNCW) Student Village design receives Excellence in Construction and Excellence in perpetration awards from North Carolina Department of Administration’s( NCDOA) State Building Commission.

As part of the state reality’s Certificate of Merit Award Program, the awards fete companies that demonstrate the capabilities and sweats necessary to realize excellence in the design and construction of systems for the State of North Carolina.

“ It’s an honor to be honored by NCDOA’s State Building Commission for the construction of UNCW’s Student Village, ” said Colby Willis, Balfour Beatty operations director in North Carolina. “ These awards are a true testament to our design platoon’s commitment to functional excellence and collaboration with our mates, and their adaptability in prostrating impacts from the epidemic and hurricanes during the design’s delivery. Congratulations to our platoon and our mates in furnishing an award- winning installation on the UNCW lot that enhances the living- literacy experience for scholars. ”

“ We’re incredibly proud of our platoon for delivering this multifaceted strategy for a best- in- class living and literacy terrain, ” said Bob Shepko, chairman of Balfour Beatty Campus results. “ We’re recognized to be a mate of choice for UNCW and thrilled to give innovative lot results that will support the University’s growth for times to come. ”

UNCW’s Student Village is a public-private cooperation( P3) design delivered by Balfour Beatty’s Lot results and US structures operations. The two- phased design features four resident halls, a aggregate of,814 pupil beds, a pupil success center on the,722- forecourt- bottom development, a Port City Java coffee shop and convenience store.

Clark Nexsen Architecture and Engineering served as the design mate and Collegiate Housing Foundation, a publicnon-profit reality, is the design’s domestic installation proprietor through an allocation of design- grounded, duty-pure debt backing.

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