Austerlitz Station Restored to Its Former Glory by Pradeau Morin Teams

After five years of work carried out while maintaining passenger traffic, the restoration of the Grande Halle Voyageur (GHV) and the Interstitial Building (BI) of the Gare d’Austerlitz is nearing completion. Launched on 6 November 2017, this renovation work, supervised by SNCF Gares & Connexions in collaboration with its subsidiary Arep, marks a significant step in the history of the Gare d’Austerlitz.

The renovation of the Grande Halle Voyageur, listed as a Historic Monument since 1997, constitutes the first intervention of such magnitude since its construction in 1867.

This major renovation involved around sixty companies. Among them, Arnholdt for the scaffolding, Alain Le Ny and SECB for the roofing, Constructions Saint-Eloi for the glasswork, Baudin Châteauneuf for the framework, and Pradeau Morin for the renovation of the stone facades.

The restoration of the 5500 m2 façades with the same original materials was a meticulous work carried out by our teams. Stones from Semond, Chauvigny and St Maximin, extracted from French quarries, were used to preserve the authenticity of the building. Our teams also had to recreate identically stone spans that had been partially dismantled to accommodate a car ramp. They therefore reconstructed 2 arches as well as a massive stone pier.

This operation will have mobilized a team of 10 companions and required more than 1100 hours of professional integration.

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