A place for everyone: Noongar place names announced for METRONET’s Alkimos and Eglinton stations

CPB Contractors is proud to work alongside its clients, delivery partners, and the community to construct places for everyone.

After extensive research, literature review and consultation with Noongar Elders, consultants and linguists, place naming has been confirmed for Alkimos and Eglinton stations currently under construction as part of the METRONET Yanchep Rail Extension project.

The place name for Alkimos Station is Kyleeup (pronounced Kylee-up), meaning the ‘Place of boomerangs’. Kyleeup is often referred to as Kaili (boomerangs), where in the ancient song line, it was a site where dingoes came across two men throwing boomerangs and attacked them.

The place name for Eglinton Station is Wilgarup (pronounced Wil-gar-up), meaning the ‘Place of ochre’. Ochre is an important resource for the Noongar people and the oldest known natural pigment in the world. It was used in traditional art and for ceremonial purposes and was also used as a currency. Indigenous Australians would trade different colours of ochre for items such as boomerangs or spears.

With the Noongar place names now identified, CPB Contractors, as part of the NEWest Alliance, will incorporate them into the station design through public art, landscaping and some interpretative signage.

CPB Contractors, as part of the NEWest Alliance, is delivering the Yanchep Rail Extension and the Thornlie to Cockburn Link components of Perth’s METRONET. The Yanchep Rail Extension (YRE) extends the Joondalup line north from Butler to Yanchep and involves the construction of three new stations to support the area’s growing population. The Thornlie to Cockburn Link (TCL) connects the Mandurah and Armadale lines and involves the construction of two new stations to provide Perth’s first cross line connection and improved public transport services to the city’s southern suburbs.

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