A new orthopedic institute in Milan

The new headquarters of the Galeazzi-Sant’Ambrogio Hospital in Milan is a large-scale project unique in Italy! The worksite, partly carried out by Eiffage Energie Systèmes teams, was completed in August. Here’s a look at the site, which has been operational since September. 

This is one of the largest projects completed this year by Elettromecanica Galli, the Italian subsidiary of Eiffage Energie Systèmes. With its 180,000 m² spread over 16 floors, the construction of the new Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute in Milan completes the GSD-San Donato Group’s network of private Italian hospitals. For the city of Milan, the project is all the more emblematic as it is located on the site of the 2015 Universal Exhibition. 

What makes this building unique in Italy? It is the first “vertical hospital” in the country. This concept, which originated in the United States, is distinguished by its height, with floors that each have a specific function. 

For Andrea Brambilla, electromechanical project manager on the site, the architectural specificity of the institute lies in “the association, in the same place, of different fields: research, university training and hospital service care. The design meets the most innovative standards of sustainability and functionality.”  

A site with many challenges 

The integration of the high-tech clinical systems during the construction phase was one of the main challenges,” recalls Andrea Brambilla. Special coordination was required for the installation of sensitive medical equipment such as MRIs, scanners, surgical panels…”  

Elettromecanica Galli was responsible for all electrical, HVAC, fire protection and central plumbing systems. Not to mention the special and low current electrical installations. In total, the electrical power deployed reaches approximately 7 MW, with 10 transformers of 1,600 kVA, 4 generators of 1,900 kVA and a photovoltaic plant of 481 kWe. 

During peak periods, up to 270 people were mobilized on site for the electrical and thermomechanical work packages. The total cost of the project is 81 million euros, 33% of which is for the Branch. It is also a major project in terms of visibility for Elettromecanica Galli,” concludes Andrea Brambilla. The building is part of the Milan innovation campus, which will house the future university center specializing in research and human biology. A state-of-the-art site on a European scale!” 

Key figures 

– Total surface area: 180,000 m² on 16 floors 

– The university, laboratories and hospital: 98,000 m². 

– Technology facilities: 9,000 m² (9,000 sq. ft.) 

– Underground parking: 36,000 m². 

The hospital service includes in particular: 

– 16 operating theatres organized in 2 operating theatres of 8 rooms, with 1 recovery room each 

– 4 operating theatres + intensive care unit 

– 20 intensive care beds 

– 5 electrophysiology and hemodynamics rooms

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