A moving family story atEiffage Energy Systems

In the Eiffage Énergie Systèmes agency in Canéjan, south of Bordeaux, three generations of “network fitters” follow one another: Raymond, the grandfather, from 1986 to 2010, Michaël, the son, since 2000 and Malone, the grandson. son, alternating since the start of the 2022 school year. A filiation that sounds obvious for the small tribe.

“From a very young age, at family meals, I always heard my father and my grandfather talk about their job as network installers, remembers Malone, 15 today. This is how my passion was born. In
the brand new intervention truck, Malone shows his grandfather the new equipment they have in the field. “Some devices are exactly the same, but others are much more practical and easy to handle,” admits Raymond while handling the new cable crimper.
But his gaze is irremediably drawn to the roof of the van, where the lifting platform is stowed. “It’s a change from the fireman’s ladder we used! With such material, I could leave for 10 years! “. It was impossible for the family to resist having Raymond test the basket.
Safety shoes on the feet, helmet well fixed on the head, well hooked harnesses, all three rise up to 20 m high. “Here, I have my family, and my Eiffage family, explains Raymond. I think there are few companies where you feel so good and where it is possible to tell such a family story. »

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